Jessas Na! (My goodness!) Der Tod, das muss ein Wiener sein (Death must be Viennese)

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G´mischter Satz (a blended vintage) cycle

Since time immemorial a certain spirit has hovered over Vienna, inculcating a preoccupation with “life’s finalities” among ordinary people and artists alike. The CrossNova Ensemble takes a fresh look at this peculiar tradition with a selection of rhythmic, Schrammel-ish songs by Roland Neuwirth, Friedrich Gulda, Georg Kreisler and Wolfgang Ambros. This is all totally different from the highly stylised, cliché-ridden images familiar in the commercial world. The sounds here touch the real nerve of the Viennese soul, which seems to have a direct personal connection with the primal fear of human existence. A stylish celebration of Viennese black humour, bringing to mind Ambros’ macabre classic “Es lebe der Zentralfriedhof”, and the wonderful Helmut Qualtinger’s sayings, such as: “To be properly appreciated in Vienna, you have to die first. But then you’re guaranteed a long life!” Programme: Gustav Pick: Fiakerlied Georg Kreisler: Der Tod, das muss ein Wiener sein (Death must be Viennese) Mathias Rüegg: Jessas Na – G‘schichten vom Spittelberg (My goodness - stories from Spittelberg) Friedrich Gulda: Die schene Musi Michael Radanovics/ Roland Neuwirth: Partita viennese sulla musica d‘ Orlando Nuovopatrone Wolfgang Ambros: Es lebe der Zentralfriedhof  

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