Loibner, Jasbar, Schwarz / Rina Kaçinari & Maria Craffonara

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Loibner, Jasbar, Schwarz Dreams across the ages ... Helmut Jasbar performs in a trio setting. His partners are percussionist Judith Schwarz and hurdy-gurdy player Matthias Loibner, who some say has been almost single-handedly responsible for the instrument’s rediscovery. Jasbar presents his piece “The John Dowland Séance”, in which Dowland’s variations on the “Lacrimae Pavane” are the electronically distorted nuclei of the piece, sometimes representing breath, sometimes irritation. This “Renaissance of empty spaces” has a sound and effect that is rough and archaic, yet at the same time boundlessly contemporary – a soundscape that encourages the listener to slip into deep contemplation. The New York Times praised Loibner’s hurdy-gurdy playing as starting “A Renaissance for an instrument of melancholy magic”. Rina Kaçinari & Maria Craffonara World music duo Rina Kaçinari (from Kosovo) and Maria Craffonara (from South Tyrol) use their distinctive sound to tell epic tales. These fiery musicians have many years of performance experience. They sing their own compositions in German, Ladin, Italian and Albanian and accompany themselves on cello and violin. The breadth of their repertoire is immense. Whether playing gentle folk melodies or powerful rock-based rhythms, they show the same consistent skills. In fact, they can even sing scat!

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