What did you say?

It’s common knowledge that communication between humans is a tricky business. What someone says is not always understood as what they mean. And when something is being translated from one language into another, it’s not unknown for something to fall by the wayside. The usual term for this is “lost in translation”. But isn’t this something we all experience? Whether we’re translating or simply saying something, what is it that doesn’t “reach” the other person? All these thoughts are brought to life on stage in a thrilling dance music performance, suitable for people of all ages. And they are expressed not through the power of speech, but through the power of music and dance. “Lost in Translation” was composed by Elisabeth Naske, who has already set to music children’s favourites such as “Das kleine Ich-bin-ich”, “Die Omama im Apfelbaum” and “Die rote Zora”. Rose Breuss created the sensitive, empathetic choreography. Using six words from various languages, their dance troupe, together with a string quartet, show just how complicated, multi-layered and hilarious communication can be. Recommended for families with children aged eight and over. Tickets: €29; MuTh Club Students, children and young people: €14

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