Di 15. Oktober 2019, 19:30:00-21:30:00

Pilgerfahrt zu Beethoven III

Florian Krumpöck in the MuTh Konzert
Mi 1. April 2020, 19:30:00-21:30:00

Pilgerfahrt zu Beethoven (A...

Florian Krumpöck in the MuTh

Florian Krumpöck in the MuTh

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“Do not merely practice your art, but force your way into its secrets; it deserves that, for only art and science can exalt man to divinity.” (Ludwig van Beethoven.) Vienna pianist Florian Krumpöck began his MuTh journey into Beethoven last season. Now he sets out afresh, exploring the contradictory world of the composer who has been called “probably the greatest revolutionary in the history of music”. Over the course of two evenings Florian Krumpöck, who was appointed “Bösendorfer Artist” in 2018, continues his “Pilgerfahrt zu Beethoven (Pilgrimage to Beethoven)“ with performances of Beethoven piano sonatas. His interpretations are unpretentious yet exceptionally expressive, and are interspersed here with illuminating insights from distinguished guests into the composer’s life and work. A musical and literary journey into Beethoven for the year 2020 — a journey that will open the eyes, the ears and the heart.

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