Di 8. Oktober 2019, 19:30:00-21:30:00

Swan song x 2: Schubert & Bruch

Bartolomeys in the MuTh Konzert
Mo 25. November 2019, 19:30:00-21:30:00

Träume (Dreams - in German):...

Bartolomeys in the MuTh Konzert
Sa 28. März 2020, 19:30:00-21:30:00

Bartolomeys in the MuTh Konzert
Do 4. Juni 2020, 19:30:00-21:30:00

Tribute to Beethoven no. 1

Bartolomeys in the MuTh Konzert

Bartolomeys in the MuTh

VAT included zzgl. Versandkosten *

Erforderliches Zubehör

Category A
Category A - Children and teenagers
Category B
Category B - Children and teenagers
Category C
Category C - Children and teenagers

VAT included zzgl. Versandkosten *
This year’s cycle comprises four programmes. They were all developed specifically for MuTh, and each concert is presented by Franz and Matthias Bartolomey, who appear alongside various long-standing friends from the worlds of art and culture. The “final opus” category is strongly represented here, with the last works of Schubert, Bruch and Richard Strauss all featured. The appearance of individuals such as Michael Dangl, Veronika Hagen, Benjamin Schmid and Ariane Hearing offers an additional guarantee that each of these evenings will be something rather special.

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