Mi 27. November 2019, 19:30:00-21:30:00

Butcaru & Steude

Volkhard Steude in the MuTh Konzert
Sa 21. März 2020, 19:30:00-21:30:00

Miwa & Steude

Volkard Steude in the MuTh Konzert
Sa 30. Mai 2020, 19:30:00-21:30:00

Moser & Steude

Volkhard Steude in the MuTh Konzert

Volkhard Steude in the MuTh

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Category B - Children and teenagers
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Violinist Volkhard Steude performs three concerts in duet with celebrated pianists. Through these concerts, he questions the sense in dividing music into epochs and movements. “For example — at what point did the Classical period end? Is there a clear dividing line before the Romantic?” Or: “Is Impressionism only found in French music?” The Vienna Philharmonic Concertmaster had devised a series of suitably multi-layered programmes for his cycle at MuTh this year.


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